A Tribute to Audrey Hepburn

"After so many drive-in waitresses becoming movie stars, there has been this real drought, when along comes class; somebody who actually went to school, can spell, maybe even plays the piano. She may be a wispy, thin little thing, but when you see that girl, you know you're really in the presence of something. In that league there's only ever been Garbo, and the other Hepburn, and maybe Bergman. It's a rare quality, but boy, do you know when you've found it." - Director Billy Wilder


Roman Holiday
Roman Holiday (1953)

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady (1964)

The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)
Laughter in Paradise (1951)
Cigarette girl
Young Wives' Tale (1951) Eve Lester
One Wild Oat (1951) Hotel receptionist
Monte Carlo Baby (1951) Linda Farrel
The Secret People (1952) Nora
Nous irons à Monte Carlo (1952) Melissa Walter
Roman Holiday (1953) Princess Ann ('Anya Smith')
Sabrina (1954) Sabrina Fairchild
War and Peace (1956) Natasha Rostov
Funny Face (1957) Jo Stockton
Love in the Afternoon (1957) Ariane Chavasse
Green Mansions (1959) Rima
The Nun's Story (1959) Sister Luke (Gabrielle van der Mal)
The Unforgiven (1960) Rachel Zachary
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) Holly Golightly
The Children's Hour (1961) Karen Wright
A New Kind of Love (1963)
(uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Runway Model
Charade (1963) Regina 'Reggie' Lampert
Paris - When It Sizzles (1964) Gabrielle Simpson
My Fair Lady (1964) Eliza Doolittle
How to Steal a Million (1966) Nicole Bonnet
Two for the Road (1967) Joanna Wallace
Wait Until Dark (1967) Susy Hendrix
Robin and Marian (1976) Lady Marian
Bloodline (1979) Elizabeth Roffe
They All Laughed (1981) Angela Niotes
Love Among Thieves (1987) (TV) Baroness Caroline DuLac
Always (1989) Hap

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A Tribute to Audrey Hepburn